Advocacy for Yeshua and the Jewish community

As Yeshua's disciples, our mission is to provide a warm and safe home for Israel in the UK.

Our Story


We came as immigrants and found a home in the UK. Like the generations before us, we found out ways to be both British and Jewish, building our lives and families here. We are a relatively small community, not significant numerically but flourishing culturally and spiritually. Somehow along the way we became disciples (followers) of Rabbi Yeshua ben David (Jesus of Nazareth). It’s a special gift and a mixed blessing, but being Jewish, British and Messianic gives us a unique role and position from which to advocate for the causes we are passionate about – the Messiah of Israel and our love for our people.

Jews for Jesus in London

We serve our people by supporting our community’s aims and aspirations, opposing antisemitism, and arguing for our rights, legitimacy and freedoms. We are passionate about Jewish life and faith. We know our grandmothers’ recipes, our grandchildrens’ struggles, and our own challenges as baby-boomers, millennials and postmillennials, facing the challenge of constructing our identities as Jews, Brits and followers of Yeshua.

Jews for Jesus UK

We are here to advocate within the church. Our Christian friends often don’t understand us. They don’t know the Jewish background of their own scriptures, have never been to a Jewish wedding, barmitzvah or synagogue service, and some of them even think they have replaced us. Most of them don’t have Jewish friends and acquaintances, even though their best friend was born in Bethlehem.

Jews for Jesus in London

We are here to advocate within our people. For two millennia we have been on the scene, showing in our lives and communities what it means to follow Yeshua. Yet many in our community don’t see it, and honestly question whether Yeshua is the Messiah. That’s the natural response - but we have taken a minority yet time-honoured position, and hope we can answer some of your questions.

You’ll find us in both communities – listening, learning and loving – teaching, training and talking. We want to be and help others to become better disciples – followers of Rabbi Yeshua. Sign up for our podcasts and periodicals – call us to meet up at a shabbat dinner or service of worship. Study with us – we run courses. Show your support by signing up for our thought for the week, newsletter, like us on facebook, and tweet our latest article.

Thanks from us all!


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