Zigmund Rogoff

Ziggy grew up believing that Jesus was the greatest enemy of the Jewish people and the source of all antisemitism, a traitor who had been rightly crucified as a blasphemer. But after completing his post-doctoral studies in mathematics, a friend invited Ziggy to a guest event at a church, where he began attending a short course called Christianity Explored.

There he went on to study one of the eye-witness accounts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and in his own words said, “I discovered a Jesus I never could have imagined.” After a time of reflection on the prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures, he became convinced that Jesus was indeed Israel’s long-promised Messiah.

Ziggy joined Jews for Jesus as a full-time missionary in London in 2009. He is married to Cristiana, and they have two small boys: Noah and Joseph. He grew up in a strong Jewish community on the outskirts of London in Essex and is named after his grandmother’s father, Zigmund, who perished in Auschwitz. As Ziggy says, “My name stands as a monument to the memory of the millions of Jewish people who died for the sole reason that they were Jewish.”