Gefen Skvortsov

Gefen grew up in a believing home in Israel. When she was 14 years old, Gefen accepted Yeshua as her Savior, but struggled with her faith during high school and her military service. After finishing the army, she renewed her relationship with the Lord and participated in a three-month discipleship program, where she also met her future husband, Boris.

In 2013, Gefen joined the staff of Jews for Jesus in Tel Aviv, Israel, as part of the Youth and Young Adult Missionary Team; helping to host events at the Moishe Rosen Center; and leading weekly meetings for women, youth, and soldiers. In the summers, she was also a part of training and leading Massah teams, where groups of young Messianic believers travel to India to share the gospel with Israeli backpackers.

In 2020 Gefen and Boris moved to the UK to pioneer an Israeli team reaching Israelis who live in London with the gospel. The team rented a house where Gefen is using her experience to host events in service of the Israeli community. She also serves women and mothers in different ways. Gefen has a BA in linguistics and is currently studying towards a diploma as a parenting consultant, hoping to use it to further serve the community. She and Boris have two daughters, and she is passionate about positive parenting and showing compassion to women and mothers.