Boris Skvortsov

Boris Skvortsov grew up in Israel in a home of Jewish believers in Jesus and came to personal faith in Yeshua at 17.

Boris writes: “I was postponing the decision to follow Yeshua for a while. Impacted by a short mission trip to Africa, I felt that giving God my life was an irreversible step and meant everything. I was sitting on the fence, trying to benefit from God and from the world: playing both in a band for my ‘glory’ and worshiping at church. A time came when God touched my heart, and repenting of my pride and sin, I accepted Jesus as my Messiah. I decided to live for His kingdom, not mine.’’

Upon completing his army service, Boris had a hunger to rest in God and know Him deeper. He joined a discipleship program where he met his future wife, Gefen.

Boris and Gefen joined the Jews for Jesus outreach to India and the young adult ministry. Boris led different outreaches in the general team. He completed his BA in theological studies and taught in the discipleship program where he and Gefen first met. In 2020, they pioneered an Israeli team in the UK, where they live with their two daughters. Boris is now the UK branch leader.

Boris has a heart for teaching and worship, and above all, he’s driven to share the gospel.