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We communicate creatively!

Jewish people tend to dismiss evangelistic methods and materials that are written in Christian lingo because they reinforce the assumption that Jesus is for ‘them’ not ‘us’. In order to get beyond that assumption we have to be innovative in the following areas:

Jewish people tend to dismiss evangelistic methods and materials that are written in Christian lingo

Literature: We write and illustrate hand-lettered pamphlets with plenty of humour in an informal, conversational tone. (We take God seriously but we try not to take ourselves too seriously.) We call these gospel tracts ‘broadsides’ and our staff hand-delivers over a million of these ‘invitations to interact with the gospel’ each year. We also distribute quite a few evangelistic books, including testimonies of Jewish people who believe in Jesus (such as Stan Telchin’s ‘Betrayed’).

Evangelistic Outreaches: These are super-concentrated times of short-term outreach. We intensify some aspects of our regular missionary work – such as street witnessing – by sending our own staff and plenty of volunteers on sorties (tract passing expeditions), three times a day for two hours at a time. We also set up prayer stations, hand out free drinks – Brews for Jesus! – and any other creative idea that enables us to connect with our Jewish people. We usually conduct these outreaches during the summer months in London, Paris, Budapest, Moscow, New York City, various other cities throughout the former Soviet Union and Israel. When the opportunities arise, we go to other cities all over the world!

Person-to-person ministry: We love to visit Jewish people who have indicated an interest in the gospel. We offer individual Bible studies usually in people’s homes, but sometimes over the phone/skype, internet or in a coffee shop. As some come to faith, we continue studying with them, providing discipleship, until they are well grounded in a local church or congregation of their choice.

Internet Evangelism: Many who may not be comfortable giving their address or phone number in person do come to find out about Jesus on our website. They ask questions and seek answers anonymously and within the privacy of their own homes. Many such people eventually become open to more personal contact with us, having examined the gospel at their leisure. We are also on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more.

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