Julia Pascoe

Julia Pascoe – Branch Leader

I grew up with my secular Jewish mother, and although she never practised Judaism, she did teach me to thank The Almighty each night before I went to bed, so I knew I was Jewish and I had a notion of God. Mum died when I was sixteen years old and from that moment, I questioned whether God existed. I quickly learned how to look after myself, and I worked in the City and always held down a good job. For many years I spent a lot of money going to mediums hoping to contact my mother, but I never got any answers and this resulted in me crying out to The Almighty asking for help! Soon afterwards, I met a Christian who told me about Jesus and insisted I read Stan Telchin’s ‘Betrayed’; it took two years for me to realise the truth that Jesus was the Messiah, but on April 5th 1998 I became a believer in Jesus. In 2003 God called me into full time ministry with Jews for Jesus.

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Ziggy Rogoff

Ziggy Rogoff – Missionary

I grew up in London in a traditional Jewish home, attended synagogue with my family and had my Barmitzvah in Israel. It was after completing my PhD in Mathematics that a good friend became a believer in Jesus and he encouraged me to attend Christianity Explored. It was there that I discovered a Jesus I never could have imagined and found myself asking, ‘How can Jesus be the Messiah when the Rabbis have been rejecting him for the last 2000 years?’ But as I read the prophesies in the Hebrew Scriptures about the Messiah, I came to see that Jesus hadn’t just come to heal the sick and raise the dead, he had come to do something far more incredible, he had come from heaven to earth to bear the punishment for our sins. I realised his sacrifice demands my all and left my Mayfair job to serve full time with Jews for Jesus. Ziggy married Cristiana in June 2018.

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