We are so glad to have met you and hope the message of Yeshua finds you well. Who is He? Probably the most important question you could ever ask and seek the answer to. Yeshua (Jesus) is a name that perhaps you have never really thought about or maybe this is the first time any one has asked? Whatever background you come from Yeshua came to save the Jewish people and the rest of the world from unrighteousness and that is good news. As your journey begins we hope that you will take full advantage of our website.

 Journeys of Faith


Journeys of Faith is a program which tells the story of real Jewish people who have come to be believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. As Christians they face many obstacles from the Jewish community as well as many who claim to be Christians. CLICK HERE to visit our Journeys of Faith page.


 How to Know God

How to Know GodWho is God? Who is Yeshua? Can a person know God and experience him personally? People have asked these questions for thousands of years. They are the questions this study hopes to answer. If you have newly come to faith in Yeshua as the long-awaited Jewish messiah or if you are trying to learn more about God and Yeshua, this series will help you. CLICK HERE to visit the site



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