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  • All Cheques should be made payable to Jews for Jesus
  • All BACS payments must be made in the name of the Church/Organisation, or please give us the details of the individual who will be making the payment before it is sent

Explanatory Notes

  • * We normally promote events through our website, social media and occasionally in the Christian media so that other believers are able to attend. If it is a Passover meal you are having, visitors are asked to call to request permission and/or book. If, for any reason, you do not wish us to promote the event, please put a ‘X’ in the box.
  • ** What we ask is an opportunity for God to prompt hearts to give financially to the cause of giving the Good News to Jewish people. We don’t expect a minimum amount and choose not to set a fee. Coming on a free-will offering basis allows us to minister in churches that couldn’t afford a fee. We prefer to receive £1 from an individual than £5 paid on their behalf!
  • *** By charging a flat fee rather than mileage it enables us to go to those a long way from our base in London for whom the cost of getting us there is prohibitive.

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