Julia Pascoe

Julia Pascoe – Branch Leader

I grew up with my secular Jewish mother, and although she never practised Judaism, she did teach me to thank The Almighty each night before I went to bed, so I knew I was Jewish and I had a notion of God. Mum died when I was sixteen years old and from that moment, I questioned whether God existed. I quickly learned how to look after myself, and I worked in the City and always held down a good job. For many years I spent a lot of money going to mediums hoping to contact my mother, but I never got any answers and this resulted in me crying out to The Almighty asking for help! Soon afterwards, I met a Christian who told me about Jesus and insisted I read Stan Telchin’s ‘Betrayed’; it took two years for me to realise the truth that Jesus was the Messiah, but on April 5th 1998 I became a believer in Jesus. In 2003 God called me into full time ministry with Jews for Jesus.

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Barnett, Barry

Barry Barnett – Missionary

I grew up in North London in a Liberal Jewish family and was involved in the Liberal Jewish Youth Movement in London. I began believing in Jesus as Messiah when I was thirty three years old. I was a Drama and Religious Studies teacher for twelve years before working full time with Jews for Jesus.

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Ziggy Rogoff

Ziggy Rogoff – Missionary

I grew up in London in a traditional Jewish home. I studied Mathematics at university and gained a doctorate in Applied Mathematics. Whilst working as a risk analyst for Deutsche Bank, I came to believe that Jesus was the Messiah, having completed a ‘Christianity Explored’ course. I now work for Jews for Jesus full time.

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