What We Believe

prayerBriefly, here’s what we believe:

God created humanity and the world for good. God intended for peace between all people-including Jews and Gentiles, Israelis and Palestinians.

The world, including you and me, has been damaged by evil. It’s affected our relationships to God, to one another, and to the environment. We’ve become self-centered. Some call this sin. In Jewish tradition it’s sometimes called the ‘evil inclination.’ Call it what you like. It’s real. The world is not the way it’s supposed to be.

God cared about us enough to do something. He sent Jesus (in Hebrew-Y’shua) to be our messiah, atone for our sins and reconcile us to God and to one another. It’s very Jewish to work toward the restoration of the world; efforts to do that are sometimes called tikkun olam. But peace and reconciliation can’t be forced from the outside.* They need to begin in our hearts. And the starting point is Y’shua.

When we start to follow Y’shua, God expands our vision of tikkun olam.

When we start to follow Y’shua, God expands our vision of tikkun olam. He asks us to do our part to help heal the world here and now. This includes everything from being better neighbors to caring for the environment. But God also asks us to help others find atonement, reconciliation, and a new life in Y’shua that will last forever.
You know, the Jewish Bible is full of radical ideas about the relationship God wants to have with us, and how that can happen. We hope you’ll want to check out some of the links below, or else go to our main web site where you’ll find lots more to think about.

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What We Believe